Our Team

Our Team

Regional Managers - key to monitoring and guiding a home.

Care Living employ a network of fully-qualified regional managers with extensive experience. We ensure that our regional managers are focused on a small number of homes, in order that they can give each the attention it requires. The industry average is between eight and ten homes per regional manager. Care Living has one for every six homes.

Back Office

Based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Care Living has accounting covered. From purchase ledgers or credit control, to high-level budgeting and production of management accounts, our team's oversight will clearly identify trends or spikes across the homes we manage.

We have a robust team to help with IT issues or infrastructure changes. Human resources provide practical support for the homes, and our marketing team is essential to increasing occupancy and purchasing power.

Purchase Power

Care home costs can be unpredictable, and can escalate very rapidly. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that any item above a specified threshold will be negotiated at head office-level.


Capital expenditure is always a challenge, but with clear objectives it can be managed to meet those goals. Care Living provides cost-effective solutions that have the key stakeholders' interests at the fore.